Past and Future Reflections

    Songs: Dust Bowl Dance (Mumford and Sons), My Immortal (Evanescence), Count On Me (Bruno Mars), Misery Business (Paramore), Not While I’m Around (Sweeney Todd Soundtrack)

    She had never fully forgiven herself for loving him. He had been everything that she needed, but he never loved her back. He had unenthusiastically agreed to court her, and that was all that had mattered to her. She did everything to make him love her, but he was never more than a good friend deep in his heart.

    She grew tired pouring so much of herself into a one-sided relationship. Her reality was grossly falling short of her fantasized image of love. But she couldn’t quit because she needed to be loved, and this was the closest thing she had to satisfying that need.

    Then something beautiful happened. Her prince in shining armor arrived to save her from her dismal existence. He showed her what it truly meant to feel love. It was everything that she had imagined and so much more. She was no longer tired because he put just as much effort in as she.

    But now she harbored guilt. Her first love wasn’t able to offer her the things that she had wanted, but he was still a great friend. There was just no way she could hurt him that way. Sure, he’d moved on with his life and yeah his new girl flaunted him. She still felt like she was betraying him.

    Her prince saw this in her and confronted her about it. He promised her everything she could ever need, and a life of safety. She would always be able to count on him to be there for her, and he would love her for all the days of their lives. But he couldn’t continue if she was unwilling to love with all of her heart.

    Some have, and some have not. She had been so blessed when her prince came riding in. How could she want anything more? She finally confronted her inner turmoil. With nowhere else to hide, she refocused her heart and her head. It was the best thing that she ever did.

    Today she became a new person. She is longer be the person in need. She walked down that aisle and vowed to love forever. In return, she was promised the same. She will finally get her happily ever after.