Annabelle’s Ghost Pt. 3

She felt like she was losing her mind. She laughed; just add that to the list of things she had lost. She had spent most of the money from the heists starting a new life in Colorado. Then Mary had kicked her out after hearing all the terrible things she’d done. Mary then told her boss about the thieving, and so she was out of a job. She had no home, no money, and an ex-boyfriend angry enough to kill. Oh, and she was still losing her mind.

“I’m sorry,” she said rubbing her temples. “Could you repeat that one more time?”

The interviewer capped his pen and dropped it on his desk. “Can I be honest with you Miss…”


“Right,” he said chuckling. “You see, we are looking for someone serious for this position, and your inattentive attitude and inability to focus is not going to fit in here. Might I suggest something a little more minimum wage?”

“I know, I’m sorry. I haven’t been sleeping well lately.” Mostly because she’d been to paranoid, seeing Shane everywhere. “It’s nothing that would hinder my work ability I promise.”

“Yeah, I understand, but we’re just not looking for your skill set right now, Ariel. I’m so sorry.” Gathering his things, he ended the interview by standing up and getting ready to leave. “If you talk to Daphne, she’ll validate your parking.”

That was really useful information because she definitely didn’t have to sell the mustang for money. Living in a hotel was beginning to be too expensive for her. This trend of blowing interviews was going to have to end. She just couldn’t keep her act together when she was constantly looking over her shoulder for Shane. Maybe it was time to go to the cops.

“The name’s Annabelle jerk,” she said to the uninviting walls as she left the room. She just needed to get through the office and back out into the sun.

You know, I haven’t forgotten what you did to me A-belle. One of these days, you’re going to have to say you’re sorry and ask me to forgive you, but I won’t.”

She screamed like a mad woman and ran for the door when she heard his voice. How had he gotten so close to her without her hearing him? She needed to get the cops involved, but she couldn’t get herself arrested either. She was going to have to try to outsmart the system.

She didn’t stop running until she got to the station. Tired, out of breath, and flush, she hoped she didn’t look as bad as she felt. She found the reception area and prayed they could help her.

“Ma’am, are you alright? Is there something I can help you with?” The concerned officer was nearly drowned out by all of the daily hubbub of the station.

“I just need to talk to someone about getting some protection from my ex.”

“Yes ma’am. I’ll be right back with someone that can help. Would you like to sit?” The young and clearly inexperienced officer pointed to a group of chairs before looking for help.

A few minutes later, a female officer came up and introduced herself. Of course they would send a woman. They probably thought a man wouldn’t be able to connect to a woman on the run from her boyfriend.

“Hi there, I’m Officer Ortiz. You want to come to my desk and explain everything?” Well, she couldn’t explain everything, but she wasn’t safe without help from the police. “Poor Jimmy’s new. He didn’t even get your name did he hun?”

They talked and exchanged information for a good hour. Officer Ortiz was nice and took things slowly, and Annabelle did her best to explain things while steering clear of anything illegal. The officer imputed things into the computer and took notes and it looked like everything was going to be resolved.

“It seems like everything is checking out, but I can’t find anything on this Shane Turner. Are you sure that is his name?”

Annabelle had always assumed that was Shane’s name. She had good reason to; he had told her that that was his name. Then again, he was a jewel thief and a jerk. Why not add liar and identity thief to his list?

“That’s what he told me his name was, but he could have been lying to me about it. Does this mean you can’t do anything to help me?”

“There is one other option. I have a friend that works in another district, and this kind of thing is right up his alley. I’m just going to go give him a call. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

And with that the officer got up to run her errand. Hopefully the cop’s friend could get the right name of Shane’s and this whole mess could be over. There was just one thing that was bothering her. If she was making a phone call, why couldn’t she use the phone that was right here on her desk?

It had taken several tries, but the sneaky officer had managed to write the phone number down without Annabelle noticing. Now all she had to do was give him a call, and everything would be taken care of.

“Yes, Dr. Moreland? This is Officer Ortiz. I have Annabelle here, and I was wondering what you wanted me to do.”

“Oh yes, thank you so much. Is there any way that you could keep her there until my retrieval squad gets there?”

“That’ll be fine. I was wondering if you could clear some things up. Your office is here in Colorado Springs but she claims to came from Georgia, and is she in any danger from this Shane character?” She was nervous, but didn’t really have a reason to be.

“The answer to both of those is the same. They both stem from her paranoid psychosis. She was born and raised here in Colorado Springs, and Shane doesn’t exist.” Then to someone on his end, “Oh ok thanks.”

“Is everything alright doctor?”

“Yes, that was my assistant informing me that the retrieval team is ready to go. They’ll be there to pick Annabelle up in twenty minutes.”

“Alright, thanks for all your help doc.”

“Any time. You have a nice day now.”

With that she hung up the phone. Now she just had to detain Annabelle for another twenty minutes. This was going to be fun. Making her way back to her desk, she realized that she hadn’t had a coffee break yet.

“ Thanks for waiting Annabelle. Sorry it took so long, but my guy is looking into it and should have an answer in the next twenty minutes. But hey, I need some coffee. We just got this cappuccino attachment for the coffee maker. Wanna come back and get some with me?”

“Yeah that sounds great. Thanks again for all your help. You have no idea what this means to me. You are changing my life in ways neither of us can know right now.

“You know Annabelle, I truly believe that.