Annabelle’s Ghost Pt. 1

Songs in this story: Lay Me Down (Dirty Heads), One Step Closer (Linkin Park), Chap Stick, Chapped Lips, and Things Like Chemistry (Relient K), Take It Off (Ke$ha), and You’re Going Down (Sick Puppies)

I promise I don’t have that many Ke$ha songs! I’m not really sure how she keeps popping up…

            “I swear, if you taking your sweet time gets the cops called on us, I will leave you here alone to explain to them just what it is that you’re doing,” he said nervously looking out the window. Nothing out of the ordinary could be seen on the slumbering street.

            “You don’t mean that baby. Besides,” taking a breath, her whole demeanor changed. “I’m going as fast as I freaking can. If you would quit playing pansy look-out over there and helped me, then I might finish a little faster.” She released her frustration on the diamond-encrusted jewels she was stuffing in a bag.

            Looking at his watch, the man began gathering his things. “Annabelle, our time’s up. We hafta get out of here now.” He grabbed her arm on his way past her.

            “God Shane! I was done anyway.” Pulling free from his grasp, she put everything in the store back the way it was, and left through the back door. “I’m driving,” she whispered loudly as she threw the bag of diamonds in the back. “You know I’m better at it anyway. Plus, if a cop pulls us over, he’ll be nicer on sweet ol’ me.”

            “Yeah whatever, I don’t care. Let’s just get going already.” He threw open his door and plopped himself down in the seat before slamming the door shut again.

            “Wow Shane. Your maturity is so becoming,” she sneered as she started the mustang. It purred to life, the only sound in the night. She pulled out of the back parking lot, wondering what had gone so wrong.

            The next few hours went by in silence as the road stretched out before them. She was initially excited about moving to Colorado with Shane, but as they began to spend more time together, they were growing farther apart. If she hadn’t been a thief she never would have met Shane, but know she could barely stand being around him and his ugly attitude.

            Breaking the silence, he finally said the one thing she was to afraid to face herself. “I don’t think this is working out anymore. Once we get to Colorado, we should move the diamonds, split the profits, and then dissolve this relationship.” Without looking at her, he continued biting on his nails.

            “Where do get off suggesting something like that without looking at me?” Looking him over, she continued her rant. “I know this isn’t working, but we’ve been “in love.” Throwing air quotes around “in love”, she took both hands off the wheel.

            “Could you at least drive safely Annabelle?” he shouted as the car began to drift into the oncoming side of the road.

            Taking control of the car again, she glared at the stranger beside her in the car. “I don’t even know who you are anymore! Do you see what it takes for you to even look at me anymore?” Yanking the wheel, she pulled the car off to the side of the road and came to a dusty stop.

“You are now officially past the point of irritating me. Congratulations Shane, what are you going to do now? Be very careful here because I am literally about to explode, so don’t push me over the edge.” The silence was only broken by the occasional car zooming by, and the engine idling.


“No!” she interrupted. “You lost the right to use my nickname when you stopped being a gentleman. I can’t take this anymore. “I give up Shane. After we get the money for this, let’s go our separate ways.”

“So you finally agree with me on something and it’s the decision to break up. This is awesome. Alright, let’s be civil through this though ok?

            “I’m fine with that, but Shane, are you sure that you can do that?

            “I can see this is going to be easy.” Stretching his back he yawned and scratched his head. “Hey, since the car is pulled over, so you mind if I go take a leak?”

“You’re a pig, but whatever. Just

He got out of the car and finished his stretch. He walked off about fifteen feet and unzipped his pants. As he started relieving himself, he called back over his shoulder, “Oh, and just one small thing. You can’t literally explode unless you triggered a bomb. You meant to say that you are figuratively about to explode.”

That was it. He had finally pushed her over the edge, and there was no going back. She had to shed everything that was holding her back, and frankly, Shane was holding her back. Without saying a single word, she put the car into drive and slammed the gas pedal down. As the speedometer needle climbed, a giddy hysteria overtook her and exploded from her chest in the form of a crazed, high-pitched giggle. She might be a daddy’s girl, but daddy didn’t raise no fool.

Staring at the disappearing dust trail, Shane laughed to himself. He was never one to back down from a challenge. He would get what was his no matter where she ran or hid. “Oh Annabelle… I’m going to find you, and you’re going down. This could have been so much easier if you had just cooperated.

To be continued…